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World Sparrow Day, March 20 2014


The students of the Mangala Government Higher Primary School, Mangala, Bandipur organised an awareness meeting on the occasion of World Sparrow Day, March 20, 2014.

Chetan, Sanjay, Yogi, Raghu, Srikanta and few others underwent a basic training of building bird-nests from card-board boxes, as well as bird feeders from discarded plastic bottles and pipes. During the week preceding the celebration, they prepared around 8 nests and 6 feeders, after school-hours.

On 20th, at 1630 hrs they called for a meeting with all the other school-kids and villagers, where they spoke about the reasons of the decline of sparrow population in our country, the importance of having sparrows in our vicinity, and as an effort to bring them back the possible measures that could be practised from our side.

In conclusion, they strongly recommended that although they spoke mostly about sparrows, it is crucial to save all the bird species we see around, and our efforts count.






Visit to the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary by the Bandipur Beckons team on 12.01.2014.

A day trip to Ranganthittu on a crisp January morning gifted us with an ensemble of beautiful birds including the spot-billed pelican, Asian open-billed stork, painted stork, greater cormorant, lesser cormorant, river tern and spoonbill among the water-birds. Apart from these, we also recorded the tickell's blue flycatcher, Indian grey hornbill, marsh harrier, pied kingfisher, pale-billed flowerpecker, purple rumped sunbird and many more. Birds aside, we also spotted a marsh crocodile, basking to its glory in the morning-sun! To present you a glimpse of our day, here are some of our catches:

















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