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Face to Face with John Rowell


John Rowell, a scientist by profession and wildlife photographer by passion shares his feelings and connection with Bandipur


Face to Face with forest-fire fighters


Sreekanta and Kalaswamy share their experience while they fought the recent Bandipur fire along with the Forest Department



World Sparrow Day celebrations


Kids at Mangala school speak about the declining sparrow population and possible lifestyle changes to bring them back


Face to Face with Mahendra


J. N. Mahendra was born and brought up in a farmer-family in Jakkahalli village, Bandipur. While helping his father in agriculture, other job opportunities opened up in the nearby villages, as many resorts began coming up. Mahendra joined one of them to pursue his dream of an alternate lifestyle. He ended up being a chef, after several years of informal training, thus fulfilling his aspirations of improving his, as well his family’s, standard of life, by gradually coping with the altered ethos at Bandipur.


Face to Face with Sreekanta

Sreekanta, born and brought up in Kilagere village, Gundlupet, Karnataka, has lived in Bandipur for the last 12 years. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration and alongside he has dedicated his life towards spreading awareness about the natural heritage among children in Mangala village, Bandipur. Sreekanta is an excellent birder and he leads an active birding-club with the school kids at Mangala.


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